10 Apps for Saving Money on Groceries

A recent article at Cash Money Life offered a great overview of 10 Apps for Saving Money on Groceries.

Grocery shopping can be a challenge. We spend about 9% of our income grocery shopping, a pretty big chunk of change. And a big target for cost savings you might identify.  My pick today id a free iOS app:

Grocery iQ is a popular app for both iPhone and iPad. In it you can do the typical expected tasks such as building a list, tagging items as favorites, and accessing history.

Check out the rest and let Cash Money Life know he was a Top Ten today!

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10 Money Wasters

My friends at AARP (I’m not yet a full member, but I do get their emailed newsletter) recently wrote about 10 Money Wasters in their Living on a Budget Series.

I usually pick the top list item I agree with, but today, it’s the opposite.


The author listed specialized kitchen appliances as a money waster. That may be so. Buy a bread machine, use it twice, but never again and you’ve wasted your money. But find that one item that you know you’ll use and it can be a money saver in the long run. The author may not find value in the panini press but we did. My wife and daughter could easily drop $20 for two sandwiches, and when I saw this was becoming an expensive habit, I bought the press. The De’Longhi press pictured here is the one we bought, currently $57 at Amazon. We use it at least once a week since we bought it, and each time, I figure we save at least $10 compared to eating out.

What do you regret buying? And what have you bought that was a great deal in hindsight?


Today is Father’s Day, so what’s a more appropriate list to share than 9 Important Money Tips Every Dad Should Teach His Kids? This is what Len Penzo posted at his site, coincidentally named LenPenzo.com. A list with each and every item a gem, but I had to pick one, so here it goes:

Violating the natural order of life can be costly.

A big part of our financial success is based upon the decisions we make in life. As I see it, there are four key milestones in life: 1) getting a good education, either through college or via on the job training; 2) establishing your career; 3) marriage; 4) kids. If you follow those milestones in order, you’ll greatly increase your odds of achieving financial freedom. However, if you take them out of order, you’ll quickly discover that life not only gets more complicated, but also gets significantly more difficult financially.

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Tax Time: 15 Tax Moves for Right Now

From Financial Planning it’s Tax Time: 15 Tax Moves for Right Now a list that was actually 15, not just 10, and my pick was:


Tax preparers are always baffled when wealthy clients don’t take advantage of the full yearly gift-tax exclusion, which in 2013 climbs to $14,000 per recipient. Even with the gift exemption locked at $5 million, the gift-tax exclusion can help a high-net-worth client move even more assets out of an estate.

“A married couple with 10 grandchildren has the ability to gift $280,000 a year,” Benson says. “To be able to move almost $300,000 out of a wealthy couple’s estate every year can really chip away at the estate tax.”

Check out the full article and let me know if you got any new ideas from them.



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