10 Money Wasters

My friends at AARP (I’m not yet a full member, but I do get their emailed newsletter) recently wrote about 10 Money Wasters in their Living on a Budget Series.

I usually pick the top list item I agree with, but today, it’s the opposite.


The author listed specialized kitchen appliances as a money waster. That may be so. Buy a bread machine, use it twice, but never again and you’ve wasted your money. But find that one item that you know you’ll use and it can be a money saver in the long run. The author may not find value in the panini press but we did. My wife and daughter could easily drop $20 for two sandwiches, and when I saw this was becoming an expensive habit, I bought the press. The De’Longhi press pictured here is the one we bought, currently $57 at Amazon. We use it at least once a week since we bought it, and each time, I figure we save at least $10 compared to eating out.

What do you regret buying? And what have you bought that was a great deal in hindsight?