Today is Father’s Day, so what’s a more appropriate list to share than 9 Important Money Tips Every Dad Should Teach His Kids? This is what Len Penzo posted at his site, coincidentally named A list with each and every item a gem, but I had to pick one, so here it goes:

Violating the natural order of life can be costly.

A big part of our financial success is based upon the decisions we make in life. As I see it, there are four key milestones in life: 1) getting a good education, either through college or via on the job training; 2) establishing your career; 3) marriage; 4) kids. If you follow those milestones in order, you’ll greatly increase your odds of achieving financial freedom. However, if you take them out of order, you’ll quickly discover that life not only gets more complicated, but also gets significantly more difficult financially.

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