I’ve spent decades watching the Letterman Show, and, if I’m not mistaken, before Letterman, there was no “Top Ten,” just random lists of things people liked.

Now, it seems that ten is the number, and while lists sometimes have more, such as the 1001 Things series, as well as fewer, it’s Top Ten that have grabbed our imagination. Even the IRS frequently puts out a Top Ten list of things you need to know. This site is about the lists that are finance related, no Top Ten Celebrities Who Look Like My Dog, only Top Tens that will help improve your finances, or at least get you thinking about them.

To any author I’ve quoted and linked to – If for whatever reason you’d like the link removed, please email me and advise. This was intended as a fun project, a gathering of multiple Top Ten lists. I am sure to mention no more than one item from your list and a line or two about why I liked it, no more than that. Email me at Topten at b-1.org

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