The How to Make Money Online Mom is exactly what its title suggests, a site that offers quality advice on how you can make money online, which if not obvious, means a stay at home parent, retiree, or anyone needing to make a bit of extra money can benefit from this.

In this Top 10 Posts of 2012,  Julie takes a look back at her best writing so far this year. The one item that really caught my eye was How to Make $5 a Day Online with Amazon Mechanical Turk. $5 a day? Absolutely. If you’re on a tight budget, and you can’t commit to a second job (or even a first job out of the house) $5/day or $150/month can help you save for that special something you can’t afford, or perhaps pay off a high interest credit card that keeps you up at night. Check out the post, and let Julie know she was featured at Top Ten Finance!

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