Top 10 Money Saving Tips

We’re all looking to save money, and a recurring topic of the Top Tens around the net is just that, ways to save. So, today, from the UK edition of the Huffington Post we have Top 10 Money Saving Tips. Here’s my very favorite:

Stop caring what other people think and be honest.
I wrote a piece here on The Huffington Post about what I like to call Middle Class Poverty – “Middle Class Poor? You And Me Both!” It was well received and, especially among my friends and acquaintances who spoke with me about the piece, many told me they, too, felt the pressure of constant money troubles and that it was relief to open up about it. So, although technically not a money saving tip as such, you might find doors opening once you are completely honest with those around you about your situation, so do give it a go.

This bit of advise sound like Thomas Stanley’s advice to Stop Acting Rich. You might call it “Keeping up with the Joneses.”

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