Top 10 Things That We Waste Money On

At Buzzle, a look at the where the money goes. As they introduce the article, ‘Before the hangover of spending fresh, crisp currency subsides, we all have one common question – “Where the heck did all that money go?” Take a look at the top ten things that we commonly waste our money on.’

As we do for every article, let’s look at my pick from the ten, the best in my opinion –

Alcohol and Tobacco

Did you know that you were actually wasting money to get wasted? Yes, we are talking about alcohol. Even after the expensive tags on alcohol served in restaurants, people spend a large chunk of their money on alcoholic beverages, in restaurants, watching a game or socializing at home. Along with the money gone down the drain for alcohol, there is also money gone up in smoke for tobacco. So at the end of the day, smoking costs you, health- and wealth-wise too!
I don’t smoke, but I like my beer. That’s my one vice. What’s yours?
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